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Chiang Mai Package:

CGMD111 4 Day Chiang Mai Variety Package



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A four day package will allow plenty of time to give you a thorough in depth experience of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai


Day 1
Chiang Mai City Insight Tour
An early wake up call will be needed as we will be up and about with the city monks on their daily ,early morning alms rounds! You will be picked up at your hotel by the Curious Gecko guide and will travel by local transport the short distance to the local market where we will purchase some suitable alms supplies for the monks. We will then proceed to the old part of the city (or the Kruba Srivichai Monument) where you can have the opportunity in joining the alms giving to the monks. The monks rely on the the alms for their basic food needs and in return the alms giver gets a blessing from the monk. Following the early morning alms giving we will make at trip to Doi Suthep temple. Doi Suthep is without a doubt Chiang Mai's most famous temple and sitting on the mountain side of Doi Pui it affords some spectacular views across the city of Chiang Mai. The winding road is 18km to the base of the temples, from here it is recommended to take the 304 steps of the Naga staircase to the temple itself. Following Doi Suthep we will proceed back down the mountain to take a local breakfast Thai style! a couple of early morning temple visits will follow. Your transport during the morning session of the tour will be using what is locally available, (mostly tuk tuk and songtaew) your guide will escort you to visit Wat Phra Singh, this is probably the most import  old city temple and is always busy with locals paying their respects to one of the many Buddha images situated in the various buildings here. We will them move on to Wat Chedi Luang, Chiang Mai's largest Chedi and once its tallest structure and the final temple will be Wat Si Suphan, this small temple has been adorned with silver work which is very typical of the area that this temple is situated in. Following the temples we will head for the local market where you can take the opportunity to try some local street food and visit the cities busiest and largest local fresh and dry foods market. the firt day's tour will end around 2:00pm and we will escort you back to your hotel.

Chiang Mai

Day 2
Doi Inthanon National Park
We will collect you from your Chiang Mai hotel and proceed towards one of Thailand's premier national parks and home to Thailand's highest mountain (Doi Inthanon). If you are taking this tour on a Saturday we will take the opportunity to drop in at the colorful and lively Sanpatong Buffalo market. Our next stop of the day will be at Wat Prahtat Sri Chom Thong Temple (Angkha Nature trail itinerary only) this local temple houses Buddhist relics. Our first stop in the national park will be the spectacular Wachiritharn waterfall This waterfall emits a good cascade most of the year but is especially raucous in the wet season months between June and October. Our next stop before the summit will be at the two royal pagodas, great views can be had here (cloud allowing) over the park and into the valleys below. A further ten minutes drive will bring you to the top of the mountain where you will need to take a short walk to reach the peak and everyones favorite photo location with the "Thailand's highest Mountain" sign. The air at the top is always much cooler than below and can get very cold during the cool season so make sure to bring a warm jacket for your visit (especially during Nov - Feb). On this Doi Inthanon tour you will have two different walking options to see this national park in more depth see below to decide which option suits you. On the way down from the mountain you can take the option and we can make a detour to visit one of Thailand's most spectacular waterfalls, Ma Ya.

Walking option 1 - Angkha Nature Trail - short easy walk
This walk will take you around the Angkha Nature Trail, this elevated boarded walkway takes you amongst some of the unique forest which can be found at this high elevation in the park. the walk is a relatively short 800 meters and will take around 15 minutes to complete.

Walking option 2 - Mae Klang Luang Trail - longer challenging walk
This is a longer walk and will take you on a 4-5 km circuit deeper into the park. On this walking trail you will see forest open paddy fields which are cultivated by the Karen villages and will also stop by at a Karen village to observe their lifestyles and the manufacture of coffee

Note: sometimes Mae Ya Waterfall is closed by the national park authorities in the wet season if they perceive a risk of flooding and unexpected water surges due to heavy rain, in this circumstance we will replace Mae Ya waterfall with a visit to Siritharn Waterfall
Chiang Mai

Day 3
Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai City
This two day trip to Chiang Rai will start when we collect you from your Chiang Mai hotel and we will head north towards Chiang Dao. The first stop of the day will be at Chiang Dao Cave. These deep and extensive caves contain a small Buddhist shrine and you can take the option of a deep cavern lamp lit tour which will take you deeper into the caves. We will continue on from Chiang Dao towards the small riverside town of Tha Ton. At Tha Ton we will visit the multi tiered Tha Thon Temple, some great views can be had from the upper tiers across to Burma and down the Kok River to Chiang Rai. We will then pay a visit to the Karen Long Neck village, recently moved to Thailand as refugees, some Karen Long Neck groups now reside in Thailand and you will be able to see one of the few groups here. Lunch will be taken on the Kok River then you will board a long tail boat and you will make the final part of the days journey to the city of Chiang Rai on the Kok River. On route to Chiang Rai the boat will stop at a Karen village on the riverbank. At the end of the day you will be transferred to your Chiang Rai hotel.

Chiang Rai

Day 4
Chiang Rai - Golden Triangle - Chiang Mai
On the second day of this two day Chiang Rai tour we will start the day by driving north towards the Golden Triangle. On route we will be stopping at Baan Dam, Baan Dam is a collection of temple like buildings housing an eclectic range of artifacts collected and produced by local artist Thawan Duchanee. The Golden Triangle is the meeting point of 3 countries (Thailand, Burma and Laos) these countries meet at a confluence on the Mekong River and here you can take in the view of all three countries at one time. The Golden Triangle was once the hotbed of illegal opium production in all three countries and there is a small opium museum where you can learn about the opium trade in this area. At the Golden Triangle you will have the option to board a long tail boat where you will cross the Mekong River to the Laos side where you can visit a small Laos tourist market. Following the Golden Triangle we will make a 30 minute drive to the Thai/Myanmar border town of Mae Sai here you can visit the busy border market and take the option of crossing into Burma to visit the market on the Burmese side. Following Mae Sai we will make our way back to Chiang Mai. On route you can take the option to stop by at Doi Tung Gardens. The final stops of the day before transfer back to your Chiang Mai hotel will be the stunning Wat Rong Khun (White Temple) and Mae Kha Jan Hot springs.


Day 1 - Chiang Mai City Insight Tour
• Pick up at your Chiang Mai Hotel 6:00am
• Early Morning Alms giving to monks
• Visit Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep (Temple)
• Breakfast
• Visit Wat Phra Singh
• Visit Wat Chedi Luang
• Visit Wat Si Suphan
• Visit Warorot Market
• Local snacks/street food
• Return to your hotel approximately 2:00pm

Chiang Mai

Day 2 - Doi Inthanon National Park
• Pick up from your hotel in Chiang Mai. 7:30am
• Visit Sanpatong Buffalo Market (Saturday only)
• Visit Watchiritharn Waterfall
• Visit Royal Pagodas
• Visit Thailand's highest mountain
• Mae Klang Luang Trail (long walk)
-- Rice paddies
​-- Waterfall
-- Karen village (not long neck)
​-- Coffee production​
• Lunch
Option - Mae Ya Waterfall (if open)
• Return to your hotel in Chiang Mai. 5:30pm

Chiang Mai

Day 3 - Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai City
• Pick up at Chiang Mai Hotel 08:00
• Visit Chiang Dao Cave
• Deep cavern tour of cave
• Visit Thaton Temple
• Lunch
• Visit Karen Long Neck
• Boat trip on Mae Kok River
• Stop at Karen Village
• Transfer to Chiang Rai hotel

Chiang Rai

Day 4 - Chiang Rai - Golden Triangle - Chiang Mai
• Pick up at Chiang Rai hotel
• Baan Dam
• Visit Golden Triangle
• Long tail boat to Laos
• Small opium museum
• Visit Mae Sai border market
Option - Cross into Burma
• Lunch
Option - Doi Tung
• Visit Wat Rong Khun (White Temple)
• Mae Kha Jan Hot springs
• Transfer to Chiang Mai Hotel 18:00 -19:00


Child Discounts

Child below 130cm tall

500 baht discount for each child

Infant (24 months and below)


This tour includes:
• Licensed English speaking tour guide
• Day 1 - Transportation costs
• Day 2-4 - Private transport by air con minibus/ca
• Careful driver
• All listed activities
• All entrance fees
• Alms for monks
• Boat trip on Mekong to Laos
• Pick up and drop off at your hotel

This tour excludes:
• Hotel accommodation (see below)
• Option - Visa fee for Burma 500 baht/person
• Option - Doi Tung 70 baht per person and 500 baht for minibus
• Option - Mae Ya Waterfall - 700 baht/group
• Mae Klang Luang Trail 800 baht/group

Private tour: Departures on any date to suit your own schedule & no minimum requirement of persons
Private Tour
This tour is a private tour. We will run this tour exclusively for yourself and your group of family or friends
This tour is operated by Curious Gecko. Curious Gecko is Blugecko's own tour operation subsidiary. Blugecko is the parent company of Curious Gecko

Elephant Friendly!
This tour features elephants. Blugecko does not offer elephant riding or elephant shows and aims to work with only those elephant suppliers, owners and mahouts who provide a good standard of welfare for their our full elephant policy here


No hotel accommodation is included in the price of this package. You are free to make your own hotel arrangements or if you prefer we can offer one of our contracted hotels, and included the booking in your package.

Chiang Mai

Chiang Rai



This tour is conducted as a privately escorted tour only you will be supplied with your own tour guide and private vehicle . Sorry there are no group departures for this programme.

Private tours - for 1-2 persons transport will be a modern comfortable air-conditioned car or minibus
Day 1
On this day you will not be supplied with air-conditioned transport but will make use of Chiang Mai's public transport options (including tuk tuks and songtaews (red trucks). Please be a bit flexible and be prepared to walk short distances. The reason for using public transport is to give you a deeper insight into the city of Chiang Mai.

If you prefer to do this tour in an air conditioned vehicle then it can be arranged (extra charge applies) please let us know on the booking form.

Day 2, 3 and 4

For 1-2 persons transport will be a modern comfortable air-conditioned car or minibus
For 3-13 persons transport will be a modern comfortable air-conditioned minibus

This tour includes transfer to and from your Chiang Mai hotel. Please be ready and waiting in the lobby of your hotel before the pick up time specified on your booking confirmation. Please specify your hotel and its address on the booking form. If you do not have a hotel booked we can still process your booking but please inform us of your hotel at least 3 days prior to departure. For private tours we can arrange transfers to and from all hotels (an extra charge will usually be incurred for outlying hotels). If there are any issues with your specified hotel we will inform you before we ask for payment and process your booking.

No accommodation is included in the above package tour. we will assume that you will make your own arrangements. If you require Blugecko to arrange your hotel please let us know and we can provide a full quote.
This tour is conducted with an English speaking guide. The guides will be TAT licensed (Tourist Authority of Thailand)

A limited amount of accident insurance is provided to cover some medical bills in case of an injury but it is advised that you have your own comprehensive accident insurance.

Dress Codes and what to wear

• The Northern Thailand climate is hot all year round. Wear light, cool clothes: Shorts (or long pants if you prefer), T shirt and a sun hat are ideal attire.

• On this tour you will be visiting Buddhist temples, respectful and neat dress is always appreciated at temples, please wear knee length shorts and a shirt which covers your shoulders

• Please be prepared for the occasional shower, luckily in Chiang Mai rainfall is mostly confined to short showers rather than prolonged rainfall. A lightweight easily packable raincoat is an ideal precaution

• You will get wet during the bamboo rafting so swim wear is recommended on Day 2. If water conditions allow swimming at the waterfall is also possible

Day 1 - Exertion levels are light on this day with a few short walks between attractions. There are steps and slope, if you are not up to tackling the 304 steps to the temple there is a lift, funicular railway to get you there
Day 2 - If you take the Mea Klang Luang option on this day then you will be hiking for about 2 hours along narrow jungle tracks and wooden steps and walkways a good level of fitness will be required. If you are not up to this then we can omit the hike from the itinerary
Day 3 - Exertion levels are light on this day with a few short walks between attractions. There are steps and slopes
Day 4 - Exertion levels are light on this day with a few short walks between attractions. There are steps and slopes

Lunches are provided as follows:
Day 1 - No (But breakfast is provided)
Day 2 - Yes
Day 3 - Yes
Day 4 - Yes
Vegetarians can be catered for

There is no compulsory tipping. Tipping is at your own discretion and choice, but if you felt that you were served by the guide and driver well during your trip any extra income is gratefully received.